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Jake and Sherry by RazKurdt
Jake and Sherry
A little request by my friend :iconh-i-n-a-y-u-m-e: oh Jake and Sherry sharing a moment

Added the gun because BadAss.

Characters belong to Capcom!

Hope You Like It!

Kimono girl by RazKurdt
Kimono girl
Here is my try at drawing a cute Kimono girl! I did my best ;w;

Hope You Like It!

あなたが気に入ってくれると嬉しいです !

Rachael Art Trade by RazKurdt
Rachael Art Trade
Another art trade with :iconh-i-n-a-y-u-m-e: !!!

This time on Resident Evil /Bio Hazard!

I tried to go for a character presentation look :)

Check her awesome Claire here :…

Hope You Like it!!

Katana WIP 2 by RazKurdt
Katana WIP 2
Taking form!

Changed her hair to Cortana's one, slightly modified, and I like it better!

Main stuff to do in blender:
Add arm plates
Continue to meshmod the outfit to get as close as I can from the comics' one
Probably change the body proportions a bit (already changed the chest area a bit)

The rest is mainly texture work:
Make her whole armor look sorta metalic, including her left arm that is still part outfit part skin but must look like entirely covered!
Maybe add details on the mask depending on how it looks with normals and all!
X-23 Art Trade by RazKurdt
X-23 Art Trade
Another art trade with my friend :iconh-i-n-a-y-u-m-e: !

This time, on a character we both like very much : X-23!

A lot of fun again! Thanks!

Check her epic version here :…

I was tagged by teach a man reparenting and he tags you, HUMANITY IN A NUTSHELL!! (kidding :p)


1. You must post these rules.

2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. You have to choose 10 people, and put their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their pages and inform them they are tagged.

6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read this".

7. You have to tag 10 people.


About me:

1. I'm deadly afraid of bees, wasps, pretty much everything that flies and bites/stings. Learning that there is something as wtf as a flying scorpion on Earth...yeah.

2. I curse like a possessed man at video games. But on the other end that's how I cool off, so I guess it's fine!

3. I'm always hungry, like, always, so yeah, I fight every second if I don't want to end up Jabba-style.

4. I don't understand why someone's fandom for a character would push him or her to represent that character naked. I mean, you want to see something you like is it the same with someone real you like? I mean, if you like your mum...yeah, you got where I'm going.

5. I have absolutely no idea if i would still use my pc if suddenly XNALara/XPS would disappear.

6. I watched almost a whole movie of Barbie cause the 3D was that epic. Truth is, I also liked how Barbie and her friend were dressed and that inspired me to mod even more!

7. I loved "The Wolverine". Deal with it!

8. I have a hard time not joking about's too short!

9. I'm mostly neutral in console war, even console/PC war, and it's above me that people would insult and threaten each other just because they don't use the same thing oO If a game is good, I don't care where I play it, I only prefer PS3 cause I like the trophy system more than the achievement one, but that's it!

10. Aaaaaand yeah, I am a trophy/achievement whore.

Joe-man's questions:

1. Scariest movie or book?

Paranormal Activity owes me 2 nights. As much as I love monster story, ghosts one work way too much for me! D=

2. What's your favourite accent?

I like the Japanese one, though a strong Canadian one always tinkles my laughing sense

3. Who did you really want to look like when you were growing up?


4. Scariest animal/insect?

Wasps. Or my best friend's cat. That thing is a freaking psychopath.

5. Five items you would take from your house if it caught fire?

Assuming human or animals aren't considered items, I would say my consoles and PC...thought that's more than five.

6. Movie that let you down the most after you were really excited to see it?

Spider-Man 3...that Venom of shame.

7. Blonde, brunette, redhead or raven?

Raven???EW! The poor bird!

8. Five toppings you want on your pizza?

4 Cheeses and salami.

9. Best birthday present ever?

My guitar!

10.Five foods you hate?

Hard to tell, some years ago I decided that I was lucky enough to simply eat thrice a day, so a lot of food i didn't like before became okay to me...thouuuuugh I'd say

endive, liquorice, coffee (yeah you can eat it if you want!) aaand I can't think of anything else ><

My question:

1. Your worst flaw?

2. What band would you want to be part of?

3. If you could make a movie, what would it be about?

4. Do you like your actual Government?

5. Why did you come on deviantArt?

6. What would you do with $1.000.000? Or the equivalent in your currency of course.

7. Tired of deviantArt, Youtube, Facebook, etc lastest changes?

8. If you have an OC, what do you do if you meet him or her? If you don't have an OC, same question but with your favourite fictional character!

9. Would you rather have a tongue made of sponge or legs made of gold?

10. Is my tagging you a good reason to hate me? IT'S NOT MY FAULT, IT'S SOCIETY!


I Tag, and apologize for doing so:











  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: DevilDriver, Black Sabbath
  • Reading: The Blade of the Immortal
  • Watching: Walking Dead...LAME!
  • Playing: Burial at Sea, DW 8, BAO, BS2


Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite cartoon character: Taz!

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